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I'm just use more another sites like facebook or twitter.

Well, deviantart isn't a site very popular like some years ago. Many of my favorite artist don't use so much this site for upload their work. In my case, I will not close my da account. My old drawings are ugly, but i can't "deny that past". Of course, this deviantart account is horrible for use like a portfolio. But another uses (in this case, for save my old drawings), it's ok. But if are you interesed for check my work and/or know about me, follow me in tumblr. I reblog A LOT in this  account (you can find many pics related with the guilty gear fandom, and many cats and bunnies :rofl:) and i upload my drawing in this another tumblr (also, in "lizanawendy"
you can find a lot of art tutorials)

as always, sorry for my shitty english (i would like to improve my english ;_; )
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February 26, 2013


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